Saidai S. Duraisamy (Samiyappan Duraisamy) was born in a poor agricultural family in Thumbivadi, a small village in Karur district. Due to his abundant affection towards Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, he formed a pen pal club and entered public life as early as his school days. He played a key role in helping Dr. MGR launch the A.D.M.K Party after he (Dr.MGR) was expelled from the D.M.K party. During this period, he faced the wrath of D.M.K party and was imprisoned.

During MGR’s regime, he has been a member of the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board and was the M.L.A. of Saidapet Legislative Assembly Constituency (1984-1988). During the reign of our late Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa, he was the Mayor of Greater Chennai Corporation (2011-2016). During his Mayorship, he was primarily responsible for starting “Amma Unavagam”, a canteen run at a subsidized rate to satiate poor people’s hunger. He was instrumental in getting the Government’s approval for the “Nilavembu Kudineer”, an herbal concoction to control and to contain Dengue fever from becoming an epidemic.

In the year 2006, Mr Saidai Duraisamy started the Manidhanaeyam Trust and has been conducting free classes for the UPSC and TNPSC competitive exams. So far, the trust has helped nearly 3000 students achieve their government job dream. Over the years, he realized that some students who had the qualification and the academic acumen to become a civil servant, couldn’t realize that dream only because of their poor economic background. This motivated him to create the Manidhanaeyam institute and help those students become able government administrators, without expecting anything in return for his service.

Mr. Saidai Sa Duraisamy
Founder and Chairman
Manidhanaeyam FREE IAS Academy

The Manidhanaeyam Trust instills a sense of responsibility in the students and motivates them to discharge their duties with people-service in mind, encourages them to behave with humanity throughout their tenure while also emphasizing on shunning the bribe system.

Manidhanaeyam means to be humane. To explain this in detail, every one of us would take great care in solving the problems of our near ones, be it wife, children, brother, sister, friend or a relative. Being able to show that sort of concern with a stranger immaterial of who he is, immaterial of his caste creed and religion is humanity, or ‘Manidhanaeyam’. Humanity is social justice. Love, affection, compassion, concern, sympathy, helping solve the problems of others, forgiving other’s mistakes, tendency to help without expecting anything in return, empathy are the hallmarks of ‘Manidhanaeyam’.

Saidai S Duraisamy, not only has followed these principles in his own life, has also based his Manidhanaeyam trust on them. Manidhanaeyam Trust is run solely from the personal funds of the chairman and the trustees.

He takes his people oriented service further by spreading awareness about healthy habits via his motto,” Food is the only medicine and Medicine is food itself”. He also stresses the importance of nature and environmental conservation.

Apart from all this, every year, Saidai S Duraisamy provides educational assistance and distributes free books to poor students. His marriage hall at Velachery is also offered free of cost to help the economically down trodden people celebrate their joyous occasions. He runs a pharmacy that sells medicines at a subsidized rate, he provides financial assistance to senior citizens with no one to help them, he also donates money to those in need of medical assistance and he provides a free mortuary van, and a free dead body freezer box to help the poor pay their last respects to their loved ones.